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This page includes an overview of our main features for the Smarttruckpro Hours of Service App and the Hours of Service Portal System. 




  1. Plugs into Diagnostics Port
    Compatible with 9 pin cable ports, 6 pin cable ports, OBDII Cable, Mack Cable, and Volvo cable.
  2. Trackable Driving Time
    Once you reach above 5 MPH, your Smarttruckpro app will change your status to driving mode, start your drive time countdown and it will alert you if you are in danger of approaching a violation! Smarttruckpro supports the HOS rules of the United States and Canada.
  3. Connectivity
    The WhereQube connects with the app by Bluetooth. When pairing with Bluetooth the serial number of the WhereQube will pop up and that will be what you pair to!
  4. Send PDF
    At the end of a shift you can certify your log, sign it electronically and if needed, you can send a PDF copy to your fleet manager! It will share your drive log, any inspections you might have done, any fuel receipts you might have submitted and much more!
  5. The App
    The app (Smarttruckpro Hours Of Service) comes with many valuable features! These features include being able to complete vehicle inspections, record E-logs Automatically, change vehicle/trailers, change their status (i.e. driving, sleeping, on duty not driving, etc.) and if your truck is compatible, it will change status to driving mode once you reach above 5 MPH!
  6. HOS portal system
    This system allows fleet managers to review all of their trucks information. This includes showing their logs, GPS Auto tracking, IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting, vehicle diagnostics, violations, the trucks odometer and much more!